Product introduction

Product introduction


WIFFLE Ball, launched in Connecticut, the United States in 1953, is a sport originally designed by David N. Murany based on his idea of “how to play baseball with my son easily and safely in the yard”. “WIFFLE Ball”, which allows anyone to throw a magic ball, has been loved by many people in the United States for more than 60 years, regardless of generation or gender. In addition to becoming a favorite leisure sport throughout the United States, there are many tournaments and leagues for this sport. It is popular in the United States, Spain, Japan, etc., and its popularity is expanding.

  • “WIFFLE Ball”, a new type of sports toy that anyone can throw a magic ball
  • It has been loved for over 60 years as the nation’s biggest long-selling products.
  • The yellow bat is the official bat exclusively for WIFFLE Ball.
  • You can change freely depending on how you hold and throw the ball. You can find your own original pitch form.
  • All you need is a plastic bat and a ball. No gloves needed.
  • This sport is for both children and adults.

What is the origin of the name “WIFFLE Ball”?

In Connecticut,the United States, strikes are called “whifs” in baseball. WIFFLE Ball has spread from Connecticut to all over the United States since 1953. At that time, the strike was referred to as a whiff, so it was named WIFFLE Ball.

Main rules of “WIFFLE Ball”

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Main rules of WIFFLE BALL